Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets is available at the temple and pilgrims can participate in the Mopidevi Temple Kalyanotsavam by following the below rules and guidelines. Please note, that the Kalyanam at the temple varies from time to time and also can be cancelled during the peak season. Please contact the temple authorities before proceeding further on the Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanotsavam Timings

The Kalyanotsavvam at the Mopidevi temple is performed daily and hence this seva here is called as the Nithya Kalayanotsavam which means performing this seva every day. The Kalayanam will be performed daily based on the pilgrims count and existing bookings. The timings of the Kalyanam performed at the temple is at 12.00 pm daily. The price of the Kalayanam seva is Rs. 1116. Pilgrims can particiapte as couple or single. Pilgrims who want to get married and has dosha for marriage also can perform Kalayanam here.

Pilgrims should report at the temple early in the morning. When the counter opens pilgrims can pay the amount and can purchase the ticket. Please note, the tickets are available in limited number and can brought as first come first serve basis. Pilgrims has to be very careful about the middlemen here and hence has to buy tickets which is sold by the temple authorities only.

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking

Pilgrims has to purchase the Kalyanam tickets at the temple and Online booking is not available as of now. Pilgrims has to pay the cash at the counter and has to buy the tickets.

Mopidevi Temple Kalyanam Procedure

Pilgrims will be allowed to perform the Kalayanam at the Mantap which is inside the temple. And after the seva is completed pilgrims will be allowed for the Darshan of the Lord. Pilgrims has to wear traditional clothes only. Once Darshan is completed pilgrims will be provided with a upper cloth and prasadam. After this food will be provided for 5 members in the family.

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