108 Tirumala All Theerthams List Tirupati Temple Visiting Dates

Know the details about the 108 Tirumala All Theerthams List Tirupati Temple Visiting Dates, Tirumala All Theertham List 108 Dates Visiting Guide

Tirumala Hills which is also known as the Seshachalam Forest is the abode of many water bodies. These water bodies are called the Theertham in the Puranas. It is said that the Tirumala hills are almost 108 Theertham for the pilgrims. Most of these theertham might be small waterfalls to bigger ones or even lakes. The pilgrims are allowed to visit some of these theerthams. The pilgrims can visit the Theertham which is allowed and accessible. Some of the Theertham are accessed by trekking pilgrims. Most of the Theertham in Tirumala cannot be accessed by normal pilgrims due to the location which is in the interior forest. The TTD provides special permission for the pilgrims from the forest department but not for everyone.

108 Tirumala All Theerthams List Tirupati Temple Visiting Dates

The Tirumala temple will be celebrating the Theertham Mukkoti for each theertham in a year. The pilgrims can find the date of each Theertham mukkoti in the temple calendar. For some of the theertham the pilgrims are allowed to visit during the theertham which lies in the interior forest.

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Sl. NoTheertham Name
1Manu Theertham
2Indra Theertham
3Vasu Theertham
4Rudra Theertham
5Aditya Theertham
6Prajapati Theertham
7Aswini Theertham
8Sukra Theertham
9Varuna Theertham
10Jahnavi Theertham
11Kapeya Theertham
12Kanwa Theertham
13Agneya Theertham
14Narada Theertham
15Soma Theertham
16Bhargava Theertham
17Dharma Theertham
18Yagna Theertham
19Pasu Theertham
20Ganeshwara Theertham
21Bhaumaswa Theertham
22Paribhadra Theertham
23Jagajadyahara Theertham
24Viswakallola Theertham
25Yama Theertham
26Baraspatya Theertham
27Kamaharsha Theertham
28Ajamoda Theertham
29Janeshwara Theertham
30Instasiddhi Theertham
31Karmasiddhi Theertham
32Vata Theertham
33Jedumbara Theertham
34Karthikeya Theertham
35Kubja Theertham
36Prachetasa Theertham
37Garuda Theertham
38Sesha Theertham
39Vasuki Theertham
40Vishnuvardhana Theertham
41Karmakanda Theertham
42Punyavriddhi Theertham
43Runavimochana Theertham
44Parjanya Theertham
45Megha Theertham
46Sankarshana Theertham
47Vasudeva Theertham
48Narayana Theertham
49Deva Theertham
50Yaksha Theertham
51Kala Theertham
52Gomukha Theertham
53Pradymna Theertham
54Aniruddha Theertham
55Pitru Theertham
56Arsheya Theertham
57Vaishwadeva Theertham
58Swadha Theertham
59Swaha Theertham
60Asti Theertham
61Anjaneya Theertham
62Suddhodaka Theertham
63Astha Bhairava Theertham
64Chaklra Theertham
65Vajra Theertham
66Vishwaksena Theertham
67Panchayudha Theertham
68Halayuda Theertham
69Narasimha Theertham
70Kasyapa Theertham
71Manmadha Theertham
72Brahma Theertham
73Agni Theertham
74Gautami Theertham
75Daiva Theertham
76Devam Theertham
77Viswamitra Theertham
78Bhargava Theertham
79Astavakra Theertham
80Durarohana Theertham
81Bhairava Theertham
82Meha Theertham
83Pandava Theertham
84Vayu Theertham
85Asti Theertham
86Markandeya Theertham
87Jabali Theertham
88Valabhilya Theertham
89Jwarahara Theertham
90Vishahara Theertham
91Lakshmi Theertham
92Rushi Theertham
93Shatananda Theertham
94Suteekshaka Theertham
95Vaibhandaka Theertham
96Bilwa Theertham
97Vishnu Theertham
98Salva Theertham
99Sarabha Theertham
100Brahma Theertham
101Indra Theertham
102Bharadwaja Theertham
103Akasaganga Theertham
104Prachetana Theertham
105Papavinasana Theertham
106Saraswatha Theertham
107Kumaradhara Theertham
108Gaja Theertham
109Rushyasringa Theertham
110Tumburu Theertham
111Dasavatara Theertham
112Halayudi Theertham
113Saptarshi Theertham
114Gajakona Theertham
115Viswaksena Theertham
116Yudhasarasti Theertham

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