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2023 Pradosham Dates Pradosh Vrat Timings Pooja Kalam

Know the latest details about the 2023 Pradosham Dates Pradosh Vrat Timings Pooja Kalam, Pradosh Vrat 2023 Dates Tithi Calendar

Pradosham or the Pradosh is the day in a year which is auspicious for Lord Shiva. Many pilgrims who are devotees of Lord Shiva will be considering the Pradosham as a very important day. On this day, the pilgrims will be going to the Lord Shiva temple and will be doing the pooja. In a year, there will be 24 or more Pradosh dates. The pooja which is done on Pradosham day is called the Pradosh Vrat. This vrat also is done to Lord Shiva only

Pradosham day is very powerful and many pilgrims will be observing fasting on this day. It is considered eating meat and also drinking alcohol on this is considered very bad for the family and also the person. So this is the reason the devotees of Lord Shiva will be very careful on this day

2023 Pradosham Dates Pradosh Vrat Timings Pooja Kalam

The timing of the Pradoshan pooja on this day is called as the Pradosha Kalam. Most of the pradosha pooja and vrat will be done at this timings only. The dates for the 2023 Pradoshan are as below as the Telugu and Tamil panchangam.

04th January, Wednesday: Pradosham Vrat
19th January, Thursday: Pradosham Vrat
2nd February, Thursday: Pradosham Vrat
18th February, Saturday: Pradosham Vrat
4th March, Saturday: Pradosham Vrat
19th March, Sunday: Pradosham Vrat
3rd April, Monday: Pradosham Vrat
17th April, Monday: Pradosham Vrat
3rd May, Wednesday: Pradosham Vrat
17th May, Wednesday: Pradosham Vrat
1st June, Thursday: Pradosham Vrat
15th June, Thursday: Pradosham Vrat
1st July, Saturday: Pradosham Vrat
14th July, Friday: Pradosham Vrat
30th July, Sunday: Pradosham Vrat
13th August, Sunday: Pradosham Vrat
28th August, Monday: Pradosham Vrat
12th September, Tuesday: Pradosham Vrat
27th September, Wednesday: Pradosham Vrat
11th October, Wednesday: Pradosham Vrat
26th October, Thursday: Pradosham Vrat
10th November, Friday: Pradosham Vrat
24th November, Friday: Pradosham Vrat
10th December, Sunday: Pradosham Vrat
24th December, Sunday: Pradosham Vrat

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