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Aani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Date And Time Month

Know the latest details about the Aani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Date And Time Month, Muhurtham Dates Aani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar.

The Tamil Calendar will have 12 months similar to the English calendar. However, the starting month of the Tamil calendar is on 14 April every year. Each and every month in Tamil Calendar is named with different names in Tamil culture. This is similar to all other calendars in Indian culture. This is the reason, the Tamil people will be having a different calendar and also a guide book which is called Panchangam,

Of all these months, Aani Masam is one of the important months that Tamil people will be following. Below are the dates of the Aani Masam for the year 2022 as per the tamil calendar.

Aani Masam 2022 Tamil Calendar Date And Time Month

The aani masam for the year 2022 starts on 15 June 2022

The aani masam for the year 2022 ends on 16 July 2022

  • Most of the aani masam dates will not be viable for Muhurtham dates. But it cannot be ruled out. Some people whose astrology fits the aani masam will be having a good time during the aani masam.
  • Even though the aani masam will not have many Muhurtham dates, it is highly suggested to contact an astrologer who can do the calculations based on the birth charts for good dates.
  • Apart from Marriages, the aani masam is good for starting new things and also general functions
  • There are not many festivals which occur during the aani masam 2022. Most of the festivals will be followed after the aani masam only. This masam is not dedicated to any god and there is will be no special pooja or festival conducted during this month
  • The people who want to do marriages in the aani masam 2022 have to contact an astrologer forĀ  good dates and also better muhurtham dates based on the birth charts of the bride and groom

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