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Akshardham Temple Delhi Rooms Booking Online Phone Number

Know the details about the Akshardham Temple Delhi Rooms Booking Online Phone Number, Delhi Akshardham Temple Trust Rooms Booking Procedure

Akshardham Temple which is located in the state of Delhi is visited by lakhs of pilgrims per day. The temple is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites and also a tourist destination in India. The pilgrims who come to the Akshardham Temple will be coming to the temple from far places. Also, there are many attractions which are available inside the Akshardham Temple for the pilgrims. The temple has constructed many activities for the entertainment of the pilgrims. The pilgrims cannot convert this activity inside the Akshardham Temple in one day. So the pilgrims need to stay near the Akshardham Temple and then visit the temple to cover all the activities in the temple.

Akshardham Temple Delhi Rooms Booking Online Phone Number

The Akshardham Temple has rooms for pilgrims which is built by the temple and also maintained by the temple. The rooms are located near the Akshardham Temple and the pilgrims can book for these rooms. The rooms are available for anyone who wants to book to stay near the temple. The demand for the Akshardham Temple Rooms booking is very high. So the pilgrims have to book early.

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  • The rooms are provided for the pilgrims on a first come first serve basis. The pilgrims can book the Akshardham Temple Rooms Online at the temple’s official website. The pilgrims need to register on the website using their mobile number.
  • The pilgrims can select the rooms and also the dates for the booking. The pilgrims need to pay the payment for the rooms online. Then the rooms will be confirmed for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can come to the temple and can directly get the rooms.
  • The pilgrims can also book the rooms by calling the Akshardham Temple Rooms Phone Number +91-11-4344 2344, Fax: +91-11-4344 2323. Once the pilgrims call the number the pilgrims can enquire about the availability of the rooms and can book for the rooms.


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