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Anegudde Temple Maha Ranga Pooja Timings Booking Cost

Know the details about the Anegudde Temple Maha Ranga Pooja Timings Booking Cost, Anegudde Temple Maha Ranga Pooja Online Booking

Anegudde Temple Maha Ranga Pooja: Complete Guide


Anegudde Vinayaka Temple is a revered site located in Kumbashi village near Kundapura, Karnataka. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, this temple is well-known for its spiritual significance. One of the prominent rituals performed here is the Maha Ranga Pooja. This article provides detailed information on the Maha Ranga Pooja, including timings, pooja procedures, ticket costs, booking procedures, and other vital details.

Anegudde Temple Maha Ranga Pooja Timings Booking Cost

About Maha Ranga Pooja

The Maha Ranga Pooja is a significant ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha, aimed at seeking blessings for prosperity, health, and overcoming obstacles. The ritual involves elaborate offerings and prayers, making it a profound spiritual experience for devotees.


The Maha Ranga Pooja at Anegudde Temple is performed during specific times to ensure maximum participation and devotion. The typical timings are:

  • Morning: 7 AM to 9 AM
  • Evening: 6 PM to 8 PM

Devotees should arrive early to witness the complete ceremony and receive blessings.

Pooja Procedure

  1. Preparation: Devotees must cleanse themselves and wear traditional attire before participating in the pooja.
  2. Setting up the Altar: Decorate the altar with flowers and arrange offerings like fruits, sweets, and coconuts.
  3. Invocation: Begin the pooja by invoking Lord Ganesha with prayers and mantras. Offer flowers and light lamps.
  4. Main Pooja: Recite the Ganapathi Atharvashirsha and other stotras. Perform abhishekam (holy bath) with water, milk, honey, and coconut water.
  5. Offerings: Offer modaks, laddus, and other sweets along with fruits to the deity. Ensure that all offerings are fresh and pure.
  6. Aarti: Conclude the ritual with aarti, waving camphor and incense before the deity while chanting the Ganesha aarti.

Ticket Costs and Booking Procedure

  • Ticket Cost: The cost for participating in the Maha Ranga Pooja varies based on the type of package chosen. The basic package starts from INR 500.
  • Booking Procedure: Tickets can be booked directly at the temple’s counter. For convenience, online booking is also available through the temple’s official website. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during festive seasons.

Importance of Maha Ranga Pooja

Performing the Maha Ranga Pooja is believed to:

  • Remove obstacles in personal and professional life.
  • Bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to the devotee’s family.
  • Fulfill wishes and grant boons when performed with devotion.


After the completion of the pooja, devotees receive prasadam which includes:

  • Holy water from the abhishekam.
  • Sweets such as modaks and laddus, symbolizing Lord Ganesha’s favorite food.
  • Fruits and coconuts offered during the pooja.

Things to Know

  • Dress Code: Wear traditional Indian attire. Avoid casual or revealing clothing.
  • Photography: Photography inside the sanctum is generally prohibited. Seek permission for photography in other areas.
  • Cleanliness: Maintain cleanliness within the temple premises. Dispose of waste in designated bins.
  • Timing: Be punctual as the temple follows strict schedules for darshan and poojas.


1. What are the Maha Ranga Pooja timings at Anegudde Temple? The pooja is conducted from 7 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 8 PM.

2. How much does the Maha Ranga Pooja ticket cost? The cost starts from INR 500 per person.

3. Can I book Maha Ranga Pooja tickets online? Yes, you can book tickets online through the temple’s official website.

4. Is there a dress code for attending the Maha Ranga Pooja? Yes, traditional Indian attire is recommended.

5. Are there any specific days for performing Maha Ranga Pooja? While the pooja can be performed on any day, it is particularly auspicious during special occasions and festivals.


Attending the Maha Ranga Pooja at Anegudde Temple is a deeply spiritual experience. With detailed information on timings, pooja procedures, and other essential aspects, this guide ensures that your visit is smooth and fulfilling. Participate in the pooja with devotion, and may Lord Ganesha bless you with prosperity and happiness.

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