APSRTC Tirumala Special Darshan Tickets Package From Chennai Online

Know the latest details about the APSRTC Tirumala Special Darshan Tickets Package From Chennai Online, APSRTC Rs 300 Darshan Booking Online

APSRTC offers a lot of benefits for the pilgrims who travel to the Tirupati temple for the Darshan of Lord Balaji. The pilgrims must make sure, they travel in the APSRTC Buses only. The APSRTC Provides the SPcial Darshan tickets to the pilgrims as packages from Chennai. The pilgrims can book the tickets online from the APSRTC official website.

The TTD Special Darshan tickets are released for every three months on the TTD website. The pilgrims can book the same on the TTD official website. The TTD will be limiting the tickets per day for the pilgrims. But apart from the official release of the Rs. 300 tickets quota the TTD will be releasing tickets to a number of tourism and transport authorities in the country. One of them is the APSRTC. The TTD Provides the Rs. 300 Special Darshan tickets to the pilgrims who travel in the APSRTC Website. Follow the below procedure to book the Tirumala Special Darshan tickets from Chennai and travel in the APSRTC

APSRTC Tirumala Special Darshan Tickets Package From Chennai Online

Click Here to Book the Tirumala Special Darshan Package from Chennai

  • To avail of this package the pilgrims has to travel in the APSRTC busses only. The pilgrims travel in any bus. Also, this package is available for booking online only.
  • The pilgrims have to first visit the APSRTC official website or can install the above app and can log in to the website
  • The pilgrims need to select the bus journey date from Chennai and then the bus has to be selected. Once the bus is selected, the Special Darshan quota is automatically shown for the next day in the website
  • Please note, the pilgrims can book the Special Darshan tickets only on the date of travel or else on the next day of the date of travel
  • The pilgrims has to book for the Darshan and finish the payment. Then the pilgrims can go to the Darshan with ticket taken.

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