Athachamayam Festival Dates Tripunithura Venue Procession Time

Know the latest details about the Athachamayam Festival Dates Tripunithura Venue Procession Time, Athachamayam Cultural Gala Timings Location

Athachamayam festival is the procession which is conducted on the eve of Onam in the city of Kerala. This is a procession which happens in the Kerala state showing all the cultural forms of the state. This is done for the festival of Onam. Below are details about the Athachamayam festival and the venue details. Anyone who is interested in the Kerala festivals can take part in the procession. There is no need for any booking to view the procession.

The people can standby on the side of the cultural festival and can view the gala. The viewers need not pay anything for participation in the procession. One has to be at the time of the event to take part in the procession.

Athachamayam Festival Dates Tripunithura Venue Procession Time

Event date: 30 August 2022

Venue: Thripunithura

Location: Thripunithura

District: Ernakulam

  • Athachamayam marks the start of the 10-day Onam festival. In another sense, we say that the Athachamayam festival will be on the eve of the first day of the Onam festival. From the next day, the Onam festival celebration will start throughout the state
  • Everyone who wants to take part in the procession and view the celebration can reach the location near Kochi on the day of the celebration
  • There will be a huge display of Kerala culture, folk culture and many displays of forms of art in Kerala
  • This Athachamayam procession marks the victory of the king long back and being held since. The procession will be very grand with elephants, horses, dances, songs, music and much more display of the art
  • The visitors can reach the procession location in the morning and can view the happenings from thereon.

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