Atla Tadde 2023 Date Pooja Timings Vayanam Tithi Telugu Panchangam

Know the details about the Atla Tadde 2023 Date Pooja Timings Vayanam Tithi Telugu Panchangam, 2023 Atla Tadde Festival Date Timings Panchangam

Atla Tadde is and important festival for the ladies and also women whoa re from East Andhra Pradesh. The Atla Tadde festival si mostly celebrated by women who are from the Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Almost all the districts in the coastal Andhra will be celebrating the Atla Tadde festival. The Atla Tadde is known as the festival of the women. The women in the home including the married and also unmarried girls will be doing the Atla Tadde festival. Mostly, the Atla Tadde festival will be done in the home itself. the pilgrims need not to any location or the temple for the Atla Tadde Festival. The pilgrims need to make sure they follow all the rules and also the pooja process of the Atla Tadde festival.

Atla Tadde 2023 Date Pooja Timings Vayanam Tithi Telugu Panchangam

The date of the Atla Tadde festival is on 31 October 2023, Tuesday. The timings of the pooja will be in the morning from 05 AM to 09 AM.

  • The pilgrims who wanted to give the Vayanam can give it to the other devotees after the pooja is completed. The pilgrims can also do the Atla Tadde pooja in the evening based on the possibility. The Atla Tadde can be done at any timings in the whole day.
  • On this day, the Atlu will be prepared and will be provided to the pilgrims who come to the pooja home. The Atlu also will be provided only to the women pilgrims who come to pay the god.
  • The pilgrims can also refer the Panchangam for good timings of the Atla Tadde pooja. Based on the panchangam the Atla Tadde pooja can be done at home.
  • Some pilgrims will be doing the Atla Tadde in batches. This can be done of the pilgrims will be doing the pooja in any location or else in any temple.

Click here for the Complete Pooja Procedure of the Atla Tadde

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