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Basara Temple Timings Gnana Saraswathi Darshan Pooja Today

Know the details about the Basara Temple Timings Gnana Saraswathi Darshan Pooja Today, Basara Basara Gnana Saraswathi Temple Timings

Basara Temple is located in the town of Basar Telangana. The temple is the aboede of the Lord Shakthi in the form of the Gnana Saraswathi. The pilgrims will be coming to the Basara temple to do the pooja for the Gnana Saraswathi devi. The pilgrims can go the temple on any day of the week. The temple is opened throughout the year. During the normal days, the temple will not be having more crowd. But during the season or the festival days, the crowd will be having a huge crowd.

Below are the timings of the Gnana Saraswathi Devi temple in the Basara. The pilgrims can come directly to the temple for the Darshan of the Lord and also the pooja. For any special pooja or the seva, the pilgrims can consult the Temple ticket counter or the tickets office.

Basara Temple Timings Gnana Saraswathi Darshan Pooja Today

The Basara Temple Opening Time daily s at 07.30 AM

The Basara Temple closing timings is at  08.30 PM. The timings of the Basara temple of various dauys today is as below.

Tuesday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Wednesday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Thursday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Saturday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Sunday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
Monday 7:30 am–12:30 pm, 2–8:30 pm
  • The temple is opened from morning to evening. But the temple will be having a break in between daily. The temple will be closed from 12.30 PM to 02.00 PM for the break and also afternoon lunch
  • During the break timings all the Darshan for the temple and also special pooja and seva will be halted. For all the special pooja there will be a break in the afternoons and the pooja will resume after the break
  • The temple office and the temple counter will be opened in the timings above for the booking for the tickets. The pilgrims can directly come to the temple for the booking of the same.

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