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Bathukamma 2022 Start And End Date Telangana Timings Pooja

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This nine-day Bathukamma flower festival begins with Angilipula Bathukamma and ends with Saddula Bathukamma. These celebrations are held for nine days, starting with the Angilipula Bathukamma on Ashvayuja Amavasya. During these nine days, women dress beautifully, pile bathukammas with colourful flowers, worship Goddess Gauri and celebrate with games.

Bathukammas are piled with various flowers like Tangedu, Gunugu, Banti, Chamanti, Katla, Molla, Sita Jadalu, Rudraksha, Mandara, Parijatham, Lotus, Lotus, Gunneru and sing songs to reflect the culture of Telangana.

Bathukamma 2022 Start And End Date Telangana Timings Pooja

The Start date of Bathukamma 2022 is on 26 September 2022

The End date of the Bathukamma 2022 is on 04 October 2022

  • The pooja timings for the Bathukamma festival will be generally in the morning. The pooja and the immersion will be completed by the evening time
  • The festival is celebrated with folk songs that reflect the rural lifestyle of Telangana. On the first morning of Angilipula Bathukamma, all the women of Telangana state pile up Bathukammas and worship them with great devotion.
  • On the first day, prasadam is prepared by mixing sesame seeds, rice flour and coconut milk as an offering to Goddess. On the second day, Atukula Bathukamma is celebrated on Ashvayuja Suddha Padyami. Atukulu, dal and jaggery are offered to the Goddess.
  • Bathukamma is a celebration of nature so flowers are the vibrancy of this festival. Use symbolism. They represent the changing seasons. It is also a harvest festival to thank Mother Nature for all her blessings.
  • It symbolizes the collective spirit of the people of Telangana, worshipping Goddess Gauri with flowers to pray for family health and success. Hindu women and young women celebrate it on a grand scale. During this festival, young women pray to the goddess for providing them with a good husband.

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