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Bhadrachalam 2023 Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyana

Know the details about the Bhadrachalam 2023 Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyana, Bhadrachalam Temple Kalyanam Talambralu Home Delivery

Bhadrachalam temple is the abode of Lord Rama. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Bhadrachalam temple for the Darshan of the Lord Rama. The temple has huge ancient history. The temple is also one of the most important destinations in the Telugu states. The Bhadrachalam temple will be celebrating the Sri Rama Navami is a grand manner every year. This is the reason, the pilgrims will be coming to the temple in lakhs on the Sri Rama Navami Day. The temple will be conducting the Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam in the temple every year.

The pilgrims will be coming to the temple for participation in the Bhadrachalam temple. The temple is also famous for the Kalyana Muthyala Talambralu used during the Kalyanam in the temple. The Kalayana Talambraly will be distributed ot the pilgrims after the Kalyanam is over as a prasadam.

Bhadrachalam 2023 Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyana

  • For the year 2023 also, the temple will be doing to the Sita Rama Kalyanam in the Bhadrachalam temple.¬† The pilgrims can book for the tickets online to participate in the temple.
  • If any of the pilgrims cannot participate in the Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami Celebrations, then the pilgrims can order the Kalayana Talambralu online.

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  • After the Sri Rama navami is over, the pilgrims can visit the temple official website. The pilgrims need to first register for the website using the mobile number and the OTP.
  • Then the pilgrims can select the option to book the Bhadrachalam 2023 Kalyanam Talambralu. Then the pilgrims need to fill the details about the address and the pilgrims details.
  • Once this process is completed, the pilgrims has to do the payment online. After the payment confirmation, the pilgrims order will be confirmed on email, SMS and also on the website. The Kalayanam Talambralu will be sent to pilgrims using the courier and home delivery in 10-15 days.

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