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Bhadrachalam Temple Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Procedure

Bhadrachalam Temple Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Procedure as below provides the details about Kalyana Mandapam in the temple. Bhadrachalam Temple is a very important temple for the people who are devotees of Lord Rama. Also, Bhadrachalam Temple has a long history and also plays a very important role in the Telugu states.

Many pilgrims who visit the Bhadrachalam Temple want to do the marriage in the Bhadrachalam Temple due to the Lord who is know as Kalyana Rama. It is very auspicious for the Bride and Groom to get married in the Bhadrachalam Temple. This is the reason every year lakhs of pilgrims will be booking the Kalyana Mandapam in the Bhadrachalam Temple for Marriages.

The pilgrims to perform the Marriage has to follow the below procedure. Please note the procedure is mostly same for the mandapams which are located in Bhadrachalam.

Bhadrachalam Temple Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Procedure

  • Kalyana Mandapam will be allotted for 24 hours time.
  • Pilgrims and also the Bride and Bridegroom has to carry Valid ID cards for the booking of the Kalyana Mandapam¬† and also the Marriage registration
  • The Kalyana Mandapam in the Bhadrachalam temple is located just in walkable distance of the temple. The pilgrims can easily visit the temple.
  • The Kalyana Mandapam is mostly allotted to 2 PM – 2 PM and this might change
  • The rent of the Kalyana Mandapam includes the Hall charges, Electricity and cleaning charges, Water charges
  • The pilgrims need to report before 12 hours of the marriages to the Kalyana Mandapam.
  • The pilgrims will be provided 2 rooms for the Bride and Bridegroom
  • A receipt will provided after the marriage for the purpose of Marriage registration
  • The pilgrims need to bear the remaining for the wedding apart from the above-specified charges. The pilgrims have to hand over the Kalyana Mandapam in time before the completion.

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