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Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Rooms Booking Accommodation

Know the latest news about the Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Rooms Booking Accommodation, Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Rest House Booking

Boyakonda Gangamma temple is one of the most famous temples in the Andhra Pradesh state. The temple is located on a small hill lock near punganur town. The temple is the abode of the Lord Sri Boyakonda Gangamma. The temple is said to be one of the most powerful temples in the state. Every year thousands of pilgrims will be coming to the temple for the Darshan of the Boyakonda Gangamma. The pilgrims will be doing more animal sacrifices in this temple. The temple is just above the small hill and can be reached by a small walk

The pilgrims can reach the foot of the hill using vehicles. The vehicles reach almost near the hill. And then the pilgrims have to walk. On a normal day, the temple will not be that much crwoded. The crowd will be very less when compared to the weekend. During the weekends and also during the festivals, special days, the temple will be having a huge crowd

Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Rooms Booking Accommodation

  • Normally when the pilgrims visit the Boyakonda Gangamma Temple the pilgrims will be planning to cook the prasadam in the temple or near the temple and will be wanting to stay near the Boyakonda Gangamma Temple
  • For this purpose, the temple has built many rooms and choultries near the temple. There are also private accommodations and also rooms near the temple
  • To book the choultries or rooms provided by temple, the pilgrims has to reach to the temple authorities after coming to the temple
  • The rooms will be having basic amenities only and the pilgrims cannot expect more from the temple rooms
  • If the pilgrims want good rooms to stay then the pilgrims can book the rooms which is available near the temple. The rooms are private rooms only
  • The pilgrims cannot book any rooms online and can book only after coming to the temple personally

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