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Chittoor Gangamma Jatara 2023 Dates Darshan Timings Pooja

Know the latest news about the Chittoor Gangamma Jatara 2023 Dates Darshan Timings Pooja, 2023 Chittoor Gangamma Jatara Schedule Pooja Timings

Chittoor Gangamma Jatara is one of the most important festival which is celebrated in the town of the Chittoor. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims will be coming from all voer the distrcit for the Darshan of the Lord and also the blessings. This event is one collective event which is celebrated by all the people in the town. The town authorities will be making lot of arragements for the pilgrims to have the Darshan of the Lord Gangamma on this day. The Chittoor Gangamma Jatara is celebrated for two days. In these two days, the Pooja and also the Darshan of the Lord can be accessed by the pilgrims.

After the Jatara is completed, the Lord is immersed in the water which is considered as the Nimajjanam for the pilgrims. With this event, the Chittoor Gangamma Jatara is completed.

Chittoor Gangamma Jatara 2023 Dates Darshan Timings Pooja

Sri Nadiveedhi Gangamma Thalli Jatara Dates for the Year 2023 is on May 16 and 17.

  • The Jatara is also called as the Nadiveedhi Gangamma Thalli Jatara. For the Gangamma Jatara in the Chittoor town, a special dias is constructed for the Lord and the Jatara is done on this dias.
  • When the Gangamma Jatara is completed, the dias on which the Gangamma Jatara is performed is removed by the pilgrims untill the next Jatara.
  • There is no online booking for the pilgrims for the Darshan and also pooja of the Gangamma Jatara. The pilgrims can come to the Jatara place directly and then finish the pooja. Once the pooja is completed the pilgrims consider the Jatara to be completed. The Gangamma Jatara will be celbrated by almost everyone in the town and the pilgrims will be offering many types of the offering for the Lord.
  • After the 2 days of the Gangamma Jatara, the Immersion procession will start on the evening of the second day.

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