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Corona Virus (COVID 19) Update Tirumala

Corona Virus (COVID 19) Update Tirumala

Latest Update As of 23 April 2020

Due to Outbreak of COVID 19, No pilgrims are allowed to visit the temple. All the pilgrims will not be allowed beyond Alipiri as the temple is in complete lockdown. However, the temple is not shutdown, everyday rituals are performed normally to the lord with only essential workers, priests and employees who are required for normal operations. It is instructed to pilgrims not to visit the temple until further orders.

With the whole world seeing the victims of the Corona virus, the Tirumala temple is nowhere an exception. The temple of Tirumala has been already witnessing a huge drop in the pilgrim’s count from the past few days. The fear of Corona virus in the southern states has impacted the temple a lot. This drop in the number of pilgrims per day seems to continue until the corona virus gets contained and there is a drop in the number of infections throughout the world.

Tirumala TTD administration Fighting on Corona Virus

  • The TTD Tirumala administration has already requested to reschedule the visits of the pilgrims to any future dates due to the impact of corona.
  • However, TTD has taken preventive measures to make sure the pilgrims who visit the temple don’t get affected the virus.
  • TTD is planning to get Thermal Scanners to scan all the pilgrims who visit the temple for a check of temperature before the visit itself.
  • Also, TTD is requesting pilgrims to carry sanitizers and also carry masks to protect themselves from those might have been infected with the corona virus.
  • However, the Tirupati and Tirumala have not witnessed any positive corona cases till now. But it is suggested for the pilgrims to be in their precautionary steps to make sure they stay away from the corona infection.
  • TTD has employed medical staff at different places in the Tirumala and Tirupati to ensure the pilgrims are being monitored for the infection of the virus.
  • But however, it is suggested for the pilgrims to stay away from crowds due to the huge spreading capacity of the virus from other pilgrims.




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