Dwarka Dhaja Online Booking Price Registration Dwarkadhish Mandir

Know the details about the Dwarka Dhaja Online Booking Price Registration Dwarkadhish Mandir, Dwarkadhish Temple Dhaja Online Booking Price

Dwarka temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims per day. The temple most famous among the pilgrims for the seva and also special pooja in the temple. The temple is famous for the Dhaja which is flown on the top of the temple. The pilgrims can get the Dhaja near the temple and can hoist on the temple or the home. It is said that the Dwarka Dhaja is very good for the pilgrims if hoisted in the home. The pilgrims can also place the Dhaja or the Dhvaja or Dhwaja inside the pooja mandir.

The pilgrims can get the Dwarka Dhaja in the shops which is located near the Dwarka temple in Gujarat. The pilgrims can also book for the Dwaraka Dhaja Online. The Online booking for the Dhaja is however available for the pilgrims. But the pilgrims has to be very careful about the third party sellers of the Dwarka temple Dhaja

Dwarka Dhaja Online Booking Price Registration Dwarkadhish Mandir

  • The price of the Dwaraka Dhaja varies from Rs 100 – Rs 10000 depending on the Dhaja types and also originality.
  • Normally, the pilgrims can see the Dwarka Dhaja on top of the Dwarakadhish Mandir. The Original Dhaja which is used on top of the Dwarka temple is available for the pilgrims who are in top positions only as the Dhaja will be in high demand.
  • So there are other Dhaja near the temple which can be purchased by the pilgrims. The temple officially dont see the Dwarka Dhaja Online or offline
  • The pilgrims can get the Dhaja from third party only. All the Dhaja which are sold in the market are the duplicate ones and the pilgrims cannot get the original one.
  • However, the Dhaja which is available online is the replica of the original Dwarka Dhaja and can be placed in the pooja mandir in home for good fortune

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