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Eguva Ahobilam Temple Timings Upper Shrine Opening Closing

Know the details about the Eguva Ahobilam Temple Timings Upper Shrine Opening Closing, Ahobilam Upper Temple Opening Closing Hours Today

Ahobilam temple is one of the most famous temple which is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. The temple is visited by many devotees who are followers of the Narasimha swamy. The temple is located on the top of the hill near the Ahobilam. There are two temples which is located in the Ahobilam. One temple is located on top of the hill which called as the Eguva Ahobilam, another temple is located below the hill which is called as the Diguva Ahobilam. The pilgrims can visit both the Shrines or any of them. Both the temples in Ahobilam is equally powerful.

Eguva Ahobilam Temple Timings

The Eguva Ahobilam Temple is Opened at 06.30 AM in the morning daily.

The Eguva Ahobilam Temple Closing Timings Daily is at 07.30 POM daily.

  • The temples will be opened for the pilgrims without any break. The pilgrims can go to the temple in the timings given above.
  • There are steps for the pilgrims to reach the Upper temple. The pilgrims can reach the temple in the above timings and can have the Darshan.
  • The timings of the Eguva Ahobilam will not changes. but during the Festivals, there will be slight change in the Darshan pattern of the temple and the pilgrims need to note same.
  • The pilgrims also need to note the timings of the Temple ticket counter for the Darshan booking. If the pilgrims want to do any special pooja or the seva in the temple, then the pilgrims need to book for the Pooja tickets before day itself.
  • Once the ticket is booked then the pilgrims can go the temple next day for the poja and the pooja can be performed in the timings. Apart from the timings of the temple, the temple also has some of the pooja timings which is followed.

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