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Garuda Panchami Naga Pooja 2022 Date Timings Procedure

Know the latest news about the Garuda Panchami Naga Pooja 2022 Date Timings Procedure, Naga Panchami 2022 Pooja Details Online Book

Garuda Panchami which is also known as the Naga Panchami is very famous in the South Indian States. Generally, this Garuda Panchami occurs on the Panchami day of July – August in any based. This festival occurs based on the Tithi and not based on the date. So basically, to note this festival the panchang has to be referred to. The Garuda Panchami is a very important festival in both Lord Vishnu temples and also the Garuda temple. The festival is also celebrated in the temple of the Naga and hence it is known as the Naga Panchami

Below are the dates and timings for the Garuda Panchami for the year 2022. The pooja procedure is also defined briefly in the below article. The devotees generally celebrate this Garuda Panchami by visiting the temple of the Naga Dev. The temple of Vishnu will also do Special Pooja on this day.

Garuda Panchami Naga Pooja 2022 Date Timings Procedure

  • The Garuda Panchami date for the year 2022 is on the 02nd of August, Tuesday
  • The timings are generally tithi based. The timings of the festival started as soon as the Panchami tithi starts and ends with the same.
  • The devotees who are not generally that much curious about the Panchami Tithi can start the pooja timings in the morning at sunrise and can end at the Sunset
  • The pilgrims who are going to the temple for the Garuda Panchami can also follow the same procedure
  • The devotees who want to do the Naga pooja will be doing the pooja by going to the nest of the snakes. There the pilgrims will offer the eggs and milk to the Snake god. The prasadam also will be cooked at home and will be offered to the snake god

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