Gayatri Japam 2023 Date Timings Pooja Tithi Tamil Calendar Day

Know the details about the Gayatri Japam 2023 Date Timings Pooja Tithi Tamil Calendar Day, 2023 Gayatri Japam Date Pooja Timings Process

Gayatri Japam is a festival which is mostly celebrated by the brahmins who are in the state of Tamilnadu. Even if the pilgrims is not from the state, if they follow the customs and also the culture of the Tamilnadu state, then they can celebrate the Gayatri Japam festival. Normally, the Gayatri Japam is celebrated on the next day of the Avani Avittam. This festival is for the brahmins to change the sacred thread. The Gayatri Japam will be done only yearly after the avittam. The Gayatri Japam occurs in the month of the avani as per the Tamil calendar and hence the name. The pilgrims can do the Gayatri Japam at home also. Relatively, the Gayatri Japam is a small procedure for the people who do the festival.

Gayatri Japam festival is done for the pilgrims only once a day. The pooja will take around 10-15 minutes. The pilgrims can also go to the temple and can do the Gayatri Japam festival. The Gayatri Japam is also called the Gayatri Pooja in the state.

Gayatri Japam 2023 Date Timings Pooja Tithi Tamil Calendar Day

Gayatri Japam 2023 Date: 30 August 2023

Gayatri Japam 2023 Timings: 06.09 AM – 04.02 PM

  • The pilgrims who wanted to do the Gayatri Japam can do it at home. As the process is very similar and also simple to the Avittam day, the pilgrims can do the festival at home. Some brahmins will come to other people and they together do the Gayatri Japam festival.
  • The pilgrims can also do the Gayatri Japam festival at the temple if the temple is doing the festival. The pilgrims however, need to check with temple for the availability of the Gayatri Japam pooja at the temple.

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