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Ghati Subramanya Temple Timings Darshan Pooja Daily Schedule

Know the details about the Ghati Subramanya Temple Timings Darshan Pooja Daily Schedule, Ghati Subramanya Temple Opening Closing Timings

Ghati Subramanya temple which is the abode of the Lord Murugan in the form of the Ghati Subramanya. The temple is one of the most famous temples among the pilgrims of the Lord Ghati Subramanya. The pilgrims will be coming to the temple for the Darshan and also a special pooja in the temple. The pilgrims can also go to the temple and can check for the timings of the temple. The Ghati Subramanya performs some of the most important special pooja in the temple for the pilgrims. The pilgrims who come to the Ghati Subramanya need to know the opening and also the closing timings of the temple as below.

Ghati Subramanya Temple Timings Darshan Pooja Daily Schedule

Ghati Subramanya Temple Today Opening Timings: 06.00 AM

Ghati Subramanya Temple Today Closing Timings: 08.30 PM

  • The Ghati Subramanya Temple will be opened for pilgrims early in the morning. The pilgrims will be allowed for the Darshan in the temple from morning 06 AM.
  • The pilgrims can have a normal darshan of the Lord from morning to evening. Like other temples which have a break in the afternoon for the Darshan, the Ghati Subramanya Temple don’t have any Darshan break in the afternoon.
  • So the pilgrims can have the Darshan of the Lord throughout the day. The pilgrims can come to the temple and check for the pooja which is available in the temple.
  • The pooja will be performed in the temple for the Lord simultaneously along with the Darshan of the pilgrims. The temple allows the pilgrims to book for the pooja and seva in the temple before itself.
  • The pilgrims who book for the seva in the temple must come to the temple in the timings provided for the reporting of the seva.

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