Guru Purnima Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu At Home Samgri List

Know the details about the Guru Purnima Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu At Home Samgri List, Purnima Pooja at Home as per the Panchangam Easy Process

Guru Purnima festival is one of the important festivals in the Indian calendar. Normally, Guru Purnima is celebrated for Lord Guru or Brihaspathi or Guru Purnima can also be performed for Lord Dakshina Moorthy. The Guru Purnima pooja is very powerful for the pilgrims and can be celebrated by the pilgrims who are looking for the blessings of the Lord Guru. Normally, the Lord Dakshina Moorthy is considered as the Guru of all the Lords and hence the Guru Purnima is celebrated for the Lord Dakshinamoorthy considering him as the Guru.

The pilgrims can do Guru Purnima at home itself. Most of the pilgrims can go to the temple to celebrate the Guru Purnima. The Shiva temples will be doing the Guru Purnima in a grand manner. The pilgrims can go to the temple and participate in the Guru Purnima pooja. If the pilgrims need to do the Guru Purnima at home also.

Guru Purnima Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu At Home Samgri List

  • The Guru Purnima is celebrated in a grand way in the Telugu states. The pilgrims in the Telugu states celebrate Guru Purnima for Saibaba also.
  • On Guru Purnima Day, the pilgrims have to purchase the items in the pooja samagri list before the day itself. On Guru Purnima day, the pilgrims can do the pooja at home after cleaning the mandir. Once the pilgrims clean the mandir they can decorate the same.
  • It is highly suggested that the pilgrims purchase the photon of Lord Dakshina Moorthy. The Photo can be purchased online also.

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  • Once the pilgrims decorate the pooja mandir, they can do the prasadam and offer the prasadam. The pilgrims can chant the Guru Stuthi and offer the harathi. With offering the Harathi the Guru Purnima pooja will be completed.

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