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How to get Rooms Accomodation Easily in Tirumala

Know about How to get Rooms Accomodation Easily in Tirumala

Accommodation in Tirumala

For all the pilgrims who visits Tirumala for the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara, accommodation is the big person. On any day, Tirumala can accommodate more that 2 Lakhs pilgrims in the rooms and guesthouses which Tirumala has on top of the hill. Apart from the accommodation which TTD Provides on the hill, pilgrims can also choose to stay at Tirupati and can travels up and down for the Darshan. To stay at the Tirupati, pilgrims can book accommodation at Srinivasam, Madhavam and Vishnu Nivasam which are huge coplexes of rooms which are assigned to accommodate all the pilgrims who visits Tirupati and Tirumala.

With the growing number of pilgrims who are visiting the twin cities, the accommodation of all the pilgrims who visits the temple is also growing at a huge number. Pilgrims always finds some middle men who can get accommodation for them in other expensive and some times pilgrims gets cheated as well.

How to get Rooms Accomodation Easily in Tirumala

The accommodation booking procedure for the pilgrims who visits Tirumala has been made very easy by TTD. The best and easy way to book accommodation in Tirumala is to book online. Its highly suggested to pilgrims to plan their travel and darshan well in advance at least 90 days before the date of the Darshan. Once pilgrims book darshan online, they can simultaneously book accommodation also, Based on the pilgrims preference they can book accommodation in Tirupati or Tirupati.

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The accommodation quota will be released online at the TTD online website before 90 days of any dates. Pilgrims can book the accommodation as soon as the quota is released. There are many types of rooms available which starts from Rs. 100 and based on the budget of the pilgrims, they can book the accommodation.

If the accommodation is Tirumala is completed by the time, pilgrim books the accommodation, they can book the accommodation in Tirupati itself. If the pilgrims chooses to stay in Tirupati they have wide range of hotel which is available nearby.

Please note, short term booking or else spot booking of the accommodation growing tougher day by day due to the growth in the crowd who comes for the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. It is always suggested for the pilgrims to plan the accommodation and Darshan in Tirumala well in advance.





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