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Immediate Tirumala Darshan Tickets Availability Booking Cost TTD

Know the details about the Immediate Tirumala Darshan Tickets Availability Booking Cost TTD, Tirumala Temple Instant Darshan Tickets Booking

Lakhs of pilgrims will be coming for the Darshan in Tirumala every year. The TTD is making arrangements and also continuous efforts for the pilgrims to make sure they get the Darshan. Every day, nearly 1 lakh pilgrims will be able to have the Darshan of the Lord Balaji. The TTD has introduced many types of tickets for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can book the tickets online or offline. Most of the tickets which are sold in Tirumala will be online only. The pilgrims can book the Darshan tickets online as easily as 90 days. The pilgrims can also come to the Tirumala temple and can book for the Darshan, but many types of tickets are not available.

The pilgrims can also get Immediate Darshan in Tirumala temple by booking some tickets. The pilgrims have to plan for the Darshan properly to get the Darshan faster and also safer in the Tirumala temple. Some types of tickets in the Tirumala temple are provided for the pilgrims which make the pilgrims to have the Darshan immediately.

Immediate Tirumala Darshan Tickets Availability Booking Cost TTD

Below tickets and also Darshan types enable the pilgrims to have Immediate Darshan in Tirumala. The pilgrims can get the Darshan faster than any other Darshan in Tirumala

Sl. No Darshan Type Waiting time Booking
1 NRI Darshan 1 Hour Offline
2 Infant Darshan 1 hour Offline
3 Srivani Darshan 1 hours
Offline & Online

The pilgrims can get immediate darshan in the Tirumala temple using the above types of Darshan. The pilgrims however take 1-2 hours for the Darshan and also for the waiting time in Tirumala. Please note some tickets might not be available during the festival season. So the pilgrims have to check with the Tirumala customer for the availability of the tickets.

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