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ISKCON Guest House For Life Members Online Booking Process

Know the details about the ISKCON Guest House For Life Members Online Booking Process, ISKCON Guest House Life Members Booking Phone Contact

ISKCON temple has constructed many rest houses for pilgrims around the globe. The pilgrims can book for the ISKCON Guest houses anywhere with the membership that the temple provides. The pilgrims can also be life members and can get the ISKCON rest houses for free under certain conditions. The pilgrims who are life members will have the top priority in the booking of the rest houses in the ISKCON temple. The pilgrims who want to book the rooms in the ISKCON Guest Houses can book online and an advance booking is preferred. The pilgrims can stay in the ISKCON Guest houses anywhere in the world with the Lifetime membership. Apart from this, the ISKCON will be providing many other benefits for the pilgrims who are lifetime members of the ISKCON.

ISKCON Guest House For Life Members Online Booking Process

It is highly suggested for the ISKCON Lifetime members to book the Rooms at the rest houses in advance, The more advanced the better. Some pilgrims also book for the rooms even before 3-4 months. This is highly suggested during the festivals or the special occasions to avoid the non-availability of the rooms.

Click Here to Book for the ISKCON For Life Members Online

  • The pilgrims need to visit the official website and select the dates and location of the ISKCON Rest houses which the pilgrims wanted to stay.
  • The life members in the ISKCON will be having the rest house for Free for 3 days in a year. However, the pilgrims need to pay the maintenance charges for the Guest House rooms.
  • The pilgrims can also contact the respective ISKCON temple and check for the availability of the rooms. If the pilgrims are life members they can book for the rooms from their login Dashbaord in the ISKCON website direclty.


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