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Jallikattu Famous Places In Tamilnadu List Locations Venue Visit

Know the details about the Jallikattu Famous Places In Tamilnadu List Locations Venue Visit, Tamilnadu Jallikattu Places Complete List Location

Jallikattu is the bull running festival which is conducted in the Tamilnadu state mostly. This sport is an annual sport which is conducted in almost all the towns and villages in the Tamilnadu state. The Jallikattu sport is mostly celebrated in the Tamilnadu villages than the towns and cities. The Jallikattu is celebrated on the day of the Mattu Pongal festival. The Mattu Pongal festival is the last of the complete Pongal festival in the Tamilnadu state. The pilgrims will be coming for the celebration of the Jallikattu festival from all the state. Even though, the Jallikattu is held and celebrated in almost most of the villages, there are some places in the Tamilnadu state, where the Jallikattu is very famous. The people will be coming from every where to these places to watch and also participate in the Jallikattu festival.

Jallikattu Famous Places In Tamilnadu List Locations Venue Visit

The most famous places for the Jallikattu sport in the Tamilnadu state is as below. Please note, there are many other places in Tamilnadu where the Jallikattu is held. But the below famous are most famous places where the Jallikattu is celebrated in much grand manner every year. The people who visit the below places will be lakhs and hundreds of bulls will be participating in the Jallikattu in these lcoation.

  • Alanganallur
  • Palamedu
  • Avaniapuram
  • Kanduppatti
  • Tiruvapur
  • Thammampatti
  • Sravayal near Karaikudi
  • Kanduppatti near Sivagangai
  • Venthanpatti near Ponnamaravathy, Pudukottai (Dist)
  • Pallavarayanpatty near Cumbum

The people who wanted to watch the Jallikattu sport with much more force can come to the above places and can watch the Jallikattu festival. There are other villages as well where the Jallikattu is conducted. These venue is famous for the higher prize money and also for the most number of bulls participating in the event.

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