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Jyeshta Month 2022 Start And End Date Telugu Calendar

The Telugu calendar is the most followed calendar among the people who are from the Telugu states. The below articles provides complete details about the Jyeshta Month 2022 Start And End Date Telugu Calendar.

The Jyeshta Masam which is also known as the Jyeshta Masam as per the Telugu calendar dates is as below. Like the English Calenders, the Telugu calender or the Telugu panchangam will also have the 12 months. These 12 months are named differently as per the Telugu traditions and Telugu culture. The Jyeshta month is one of these 12 months and it is very important for all the months in the Telugu Panchangam

Jyeshta Month 2022 Start And End Date Telugu Calendar

As per the Telugu panchangam, the Jyeshta months start typically in the month of June 1st week or in the month of May last week. Then the Jyeshta Masam will end in the last week of June or else it will end in the first week of July. The dates for the Jyeshta month for the year of 2022 are as below

Jyeshta masam will begin on May 31 2022
Jyeshta masam will end on June 29 2022

Frequently asked questions about the Jyeshta Month 2022 Telugu Calendar

Can Marriages be done in Jyeshta Month?
Generally, people will not do marriages in Jyeshta months. But if the astrologer suggests it as per the horoscope of the Bride and groom then it can be done
Is Jyeshta Month good or bad?
There is nothing like Good or bad. All the 12 months are good months meant for some purpose
Can good functions be done in Jyeshta months?
Yes. All good functions can be done in the month of Jyeshta. Like Engagements, House warming etc.
Which god is to be worshipped during the Jyeshta month 2022 as per the Telugu calendar?
Generally, the astrologers suggest worshipping the home god in any month as per the traditions of your home.



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