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Kanda Sashti 2023 Dates Viratham Days Timings Tamil Calendar

Know the details about the Kanda Sashti 2023 Dates Viratham Days Timings Tamil Calendar, Skanda Sashti Viratham 2023 Dates Timings

Many festivals is celebrated for Lord Murugan. The Lord Murugan is the most famous and also most followed god in the state of Tamilnadu. This is the reason most of the Tamil festivals are followed by the people in Tamilnadu or the people from the Tamil diaspora. The Tamilnadu state has their own calendar as per its culture. The pilgrims will be following this Tamil Calendar for most of the festival dates and Timings. The pilgrims also follow the same calendars to do the pooja and also other types of functions in the temple. The Tamil festival will also be celebrated in the temples also.

Kanda Sashti which is also known as the Skanda Sashti is one of the most important days in the Tamilnadu state. The pilgrims will be following the Kanda Sashti to celebrate and also to do the pooja for Lord Murugan. The Kanda Sashti will be recurring almost every month as per the Tamil Calendar. Below are the dates of the Kanda Sashti Dates in 2023

Kanda Sashti 2023 Dates Viratham Days Timings Tamil Calendar

The pilgrims will be following the Viratham on the Kanda Sashti which is called the Kanda Sashti Viratham. The pilgrims can do the Viratham as per their convenience on the day irrespective of timings.

Date Day Kanda Shasti
26 January 2023 Thursday Kanda Shasti
25 February 2023 Saturday Kanda Shasti
26 March 2023 Sunday Kanda Shasti
25 April 2023 Tuesday Kanda Shasti
25 May 2023 Thursday Kanda Shasti
24 June 2023 Saturday Kanda Shasti
23 July 2023 Sunday Kanda Shasti
22 August 2023 Tuesday Kanda Shasti
20 September 2023 Wednesday Kanda Shasti
20 October 2023 Friday Kanda Shasti
13 November 2023 Monday Kanda Shasti day 1
14 November 2023 Tuesday Kanda Shasti day 2
15 November 2023 Wednesday Kanda Shasti day 3
16 November 2023 Thursday Kanda Shasti day 4
17 November 2023 Friday Kanda Shasti day 5
18 November 2023 Saturday Soora Samharam
19 November 2023 Sunday Tiru Kalyanam
17 December 2023 Sunday Subrahmanyan Shasti

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