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Kanipakam Temple Address To Send Wedding Card

Know the details about the Kanipakam Temple Address To Send Wedding Card Prasadam, Wedding Card Offering Kanipakam Temple Online Price Book

Kanipakam temple is the abode of the Lord Ganesha in the forms of the Lord Varasiddi Vinayaka Swamy. The temple is one of the most important temple in the state of the Andhra Pradesh. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims will be coming to the Kanipakam temple for the Darshan of the Lord. The pilgrims will be coming not only for the Darshan but also to watch and participate in many seva and pooja which is performed in the temple. The pilgrims can come to the temple any time and can participate in the pooja in the temple. The Lord here in the Kanipakam temple is also called as the Swayambhu meaning the Lord himself has appeared here.

Kanipakam Temple Address To Send Wedding Card

  • The address to send the wedding card to the Kanipakam is Kanipakam, Irala Mandal, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh. PinCode:517131
  • The pilgrims who wanted the blessing and also the prasadam of the Kanipakam temple lord can send the wedding card to the temple.
  • The pilgrims has to send the wedding before at least 1 month of the marriage dates. If the pilgrims are good to get the blessings and the prasadam from the temple after the marriage, then the pilgrims can send the card anytime
  • The pilgrims has to first book for the above address as a registered post. Once the wedding card is received at the temple, the temple authorities will be doing pooja and will be sending the akshintalu to the address back to the pilgrims
  • The pilgrims need to pay for this service, For better understanding the pilgrims can call the Kanipakam templea authorities and can enquire about the availability of the wedding card service.

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