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Karthika Masam Pournami Pooja Vidhanam

Karthika Masam Pournami Pooja Vidhanam provides below the procedure of the pooja in the month of Karthika. For many telugu, tamil and kannada people in South India karithka masam is very important. It is considered as the important month for the Lord Shiva. Every Monday in this Karthika Masam is very important and also very auspicious. Follow the below information to know more about the Karthika Masam Pooja Vidhanam and Procedure.

Karthika Masam Pournami Pooja Vidhanam

This Pooja Vidhanam below for the Karthika Masam is followed by Telugu people in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil people in Tamilandu and Kannada people from the state of Karnataka. Each person will not be able to perform the pooja similarly but can perform as per their willing an flexibility.

The day of the Karthika Pournami is the most important day in this month. The Karthika Pournami which is also called as the Karthika Deepavali is celebrated equal to the Diwali Festival. Devotees need to follow the below procedure for the Pooja on the day of Karthika Pournami.

  • Devotees who wish to celebrate the Karthika Diwali has to follow all the Traditions of celebrating the Diwali.
  • On this day, the head bath has to be taken. In the evening, prasadam can be cooked for Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu and the pooja can be done.
  • In this month, for the whole month devotees can light up the lamps with Cow ghee or Gingelly oil which is very auspicious.
  • Visiting Lord Shiva temple and also visiting Lord Vishnu temple in this month is also very auspicious
  • Generally people think its good to visit the Shiva temple on Monday. But every day is equal to Monday in this Karthika month and pilgrims can visit the temple anywhere.
  • Pilgrims need not throng to famous temple in this month, even a small temple near to your home will be enough.

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