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Kartik Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Panchangam Samagri

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One of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar is called Kartika Purnima. On the day of this event, a special abhishekam is performed for Lord Shiva. The name of Shiva can be heard echoing throughout the land from the various Shiva temples. The ancient scriptures have a number of different accounts that detail this Poornima. On this day of the full moon, the legend tells us that Lord Shiva put an end to the evil Tripurasura. As a result of this, the Purnima in question is sometimes referred to as Tripuri Poornima.

On this Purnima day, devotees present Lord Shiva with profound worship that is performed with a great deal of devotion. The liberation of the people from the oppression of the demons is commemorated with a massive festival in honour of Lord Shiva.

Kartik Purnima Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Panchangam Samagri

Many devotees anxiously await instructions on how to conduct puja on Kartika Purnami. God will be happy with our actions if we perform any kind of puja. As they see fit, they perform the pujas. What the Puranas have to say about the traditional Kartika Poornami Puja procedure. On the day of Kartika Poornami, it is advisable to rise early and take a river bath. River bathing should be prioritised on this day regardless of the week. Then, melt ghee and ignite the god. If you can, try to move quickly. Fasting has long been accepted practise.

Kartik Purnima Vratham Samagri

  • On the full moon day of Kartika, many people think that hearing the tale of Satyanarayana Swamy will be beneficial. On Kartika Poornami, you should try to hear Satyanarayana Swamy’s tale. Nothing else can be done if you refuse to hear Satyanarayana Swamy’s tale. On Kartika Poornami day, do Aarti for Lakshmi Narayan in the evening.
  • This will bring you complete happiness. Use only ghee to light a lamp today. In addition, remember to light a ghee lamp in Tulsi Kota each evening. No one can rob you of your happiness if you adore the goddess Tulsi. Giving on Kartika Poornami day is particularly lucky. In this manner, you too ought to help the hungry and collect the rewards. On the day of Kartika Purnami, avoid lighting any lamps.

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