Kuja Dosha Calculator Online Free Horoscope Date Of Birth Based

Know the details about the Kuja Dosha Calculator Online Free Horoscope Date Of Birth Based, Kuja Dosha Nivarana Calculator Online Now Horoscope

Kuja Dosha is one of the most important Dosha for a person in the horoscope. Dosha means the misplacements of the planets and Nakshatras in one’s astrology and Horoscope. The Kuja Dosha will be caused by the misplacement of the planets with the Kuja and hence the name. The Kuja Dosha occurs to one person because of the date of the birth and also the timings of the birth. The persons who have the Kuja Dosha in the horoscope are said to be having issues throughout their life in terms of marriage and also career.

The person with Kuja Dosha will mostly have issues with delays in marriage and apart from that no major defects and issues will occur.

Kuja Dosha Calculator Online Free Horoscope Date Of Birth Based

The Kuja Dosha can be calculated by using the Date of birth and the horoscope of the person. An astrologer can do the calculation of the Kuja Dosha and the effects of the Kuja Dosha on life. The below Kuja Dosha Calculator can also be used to find the Kuja Dosha for a person.

    • Compared to the all other Dosha in the Horoscope, the Kuja Dosha is not said to be that much serious Dosha. The pilgrims can get rid of the Kuja Dosha by praying to Lord Shiva and also doing the pooja parihara.
    • Many Shiva temples will be doing the Kuja Dosha pooja for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can also perform the Kuja Dosha pooja at home. The pilgrims who have the Kuja Dosha must definitely do the pooja for the Lord Shiva.
    • The pilgrims can also do the Rahu Ketu and the Kuja Dosha pooja parihara pooja at the temple wherever it is available for the pilgrims.

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