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Labh Panchami 2022 Muhurat Date Timings Pooja Tithi Panchang

Know the latest details about the Labh Panchami 2022 Muhurat Date Timings Pooja Tithi Panchang, Labh Pancham 2022 Timings Pooja Tithi Online

This festival is also referred to as Saubhagya Panchami and Gyan Panchami. It is deemed fortunate to launch a brand-new enterprise on this particular day. Since Labh Panchami falls on the first day of the Gujarati calendar year, it is customary for businesspeople to pay homage to their ledgers and ledger books on this day. On this day, it is thought that having faith in Goddess Parvati and Lord Shankar will bring about favourable outcomes.

The occasion known as Labh Panchami takes place on the fifth and last day of the Diwali festival and the celebration of it. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival is observed on the Panchami, which falls on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik. This day is also known as “Lakheni Panchami,” “Gyan Panchami,” “Saubhagya Panchami,” and “Labh Pancham,” amongst many other titles.

Labh Panchami 2022 Muhurat Date Timings Pooja Tithi Panchang

Labh Panchami 2022 Date is on 29 October 2022, Saturday

Labh Panchami 2022 Pooja Tithi Timings is from 04.57 AM t o 8.24 AM

  • On the very final day of the festival, it is celebrated. Since then, stores and places of business that were shut down in order to celebrate Diwali have reopened their doors. Additionally, today is seen to be a fortunate day for beginning new endeavours and enterprises of any kind.
  • Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are the deities that devotees worship most frequently. On the blessed day of Labh Pancham, devotees begin their financial endeavours by opening an account. Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra is a tool for worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to bestow knowledge and fortune on anyone who uses it.
  • The holy texts of Jainism are revered by Jain followers as an object of veneration. We commemorate the festival of Labh Pancham by praying to God and offering him a variety of prasad, or offerings, as well as sweets and fruits.
  • This is done for the purpose of acquiring wisdom. The worship of Goddess Saraswati in her particular form is performed by a large number of devotees on this day. Beginning on the first day of Diwali and continuing till Labh Pancham, it is customary to pay calls on one’s acquaintances and relatives. It is important that they all take this opportunity to work on improving their relationship with one another.
  • On the festival of Labh Pancham, sweets and other gifts are given to one another as a symbol of the sweetness that should exist in one’s interactions with others.

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