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List Of All Dosha Types In Astrology

Know the details about the List Of All Dosha Types In Astrology Horoscope Effects Stars Graha, Types of Doshas in Horoscope Astrology Online

Dosha means the problem or the issue in one’s astrology. In Hindu culture, the person who takes birth will be coming with a horoscope and also astrology. Based on the planet and the star positions the astrology and horoscope of the person is decided in the culture. If the person takes birth in some what problematic graha means the planets and the stars, then the person will get some dosha. Astrology says that the Dosha will affect one’s career and also life. The person with the Dosha can get rid of the dosha by following some remedies. The effects of the different Dosha will be in different forms.

List Of All Dosha Types In Astrology

There are various Dosha for the pilgrims in astrology. Based on the birth date and the timings of the birth the dosha will be decided for the person. Some dosha will also come because of the life’s acts and events. These Dosha are not related to birth and planets. The List of all Dosha in astrology is as below

  • Kaal Sarp Dosha
  • Mangal Dosha Or Kunja Dosha
  • Chandra Dosha
  • Shani Dosha
  • Pitra Dosha
  • Nadi Dosha
  • Putra Dosha
  • Grahan Dosha
  • Bhandhan Yoga
  • Paap Kartari Dosha
  • Guru Chandal Dosha
  • Angarak Dosha
  • Gandalmool Dosha
  • Shani Dosha
  • Shrapit Dosha
  • Kemdhrum Dosha
  • Guru Chandal Dosha
  • Ghatak Dosha
  • Vish Dosha
  • Kemdrum Dosha
  • Kendradhipati Dosha
  • Kundli Dosha

Effects and Remedies of the Dosha in Astrology

  • For each Dosha in the astrology there will be a remedy. The pilgrims need to first contact the astrologer for the Dosha details.
  • If the astrologer decides the Dosha exists, then the pilgrims can check with him for the available remedy or the parihara.
  • The remedy or the parihara for the Dosha is done by the pooja and also by some other spiritual activities.

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