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Madhava Nilayam Tirumala Room Booking Online Contact Number

Know the details about the Madhava Nilayam Tirupati Room Booking Online Contact Number, Tirumala Madhava Nilayam Rooms Booking Rent Location

Tirumala temple is the abode of the Lord Venkateswara. The temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims per day. Every year many pilgrims come to the temple for the Darshan and the Lord’s offering. The pilgrims can stay in the Tirumala temple for a day after or before the Darshan is completed. For the benefit and comfort of the pilgrims, the Tirumala temple has constructed many rest houses in Tirumala. Madhava Nilayam rest houses is one of the major rest houses for pilgrims. The pilgrims can book the Madhava Nilayam rest house online or offline.

Madhava Nilayam Tirumala Room Booking Online Contact Number

The Madhava Nilayam rest house not only have rooms for the pilgrims. But the rest house also hosts one of the largest Kalyana Katta in Tirumala. Kalyana Katta in Tirumala is where the pilgrims will be offering their hair to the Lord. The TTD has set up many such places and also Kalyana Katta in Tirumala and the Madhava Nilayam are one such places.

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  • The Madhava Nilayam is located near the entrance of Tirumala town. The pilgrims can find the Madhava Nilayam location very easily opposite the Central bus stand.
  • However, the pilgrims cannot book the rooms in Madhava Nilayam directly. The pilgrims have to first go to the Tirumala temple CRO Office to book the rooms. The tariff for the rooms in Madhava Nilayam is Rs 100
  • The pilgrims can go to the CRO office and can book the rooms. If the rooms are available in Madhava Nilayam then the rooms will be allotted for the pilgrims. If the rooms are not available, the pilgrims will get the rooms somewhere else
  • The pilgrims can contact the Madhava Nilayam contact number the same as the TTD Customer care number 0877 2233333 or 2277777

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