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Madurai Temple Chithirai Festival 2023 LIVE Today Watch Online

Know the details about the Madurai Temple Chithirai Festival 2023 LIVE Today Watch Online, Chithirai Alagar Festival 2023 Online View Now Pooja

Chithirai festival in the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple is one of the most famous festivals. The temple is attended by pilgrims throughout the globe. The Chithirai Festival occurs in the month of the Chithirai as per the Tamil Calender. As per the Tamil Calender, the Chithirai month is the first month of the New year. Generally, the Chithirai festival comes in the month of April to May The Chithirai festival is the annual festival. So the festival is conducted only yearly once.

The Chithirai festival is a 15 days grand festival. On all these 15 days the temple will be seeing a huge fall of pilgrims coming from throughout the country. The temple will be making arrangements for the pilgrims to visit the temple and have the Darshan. but due to the heavy crowed, the pilgrims face issues with the Darshan every year.

Madurai Temple Chithirai Festival 2023 LIVE Today Watch Online

  • Every year for the Madurai Chithirai festival the number of pilgrims is growing. This making difficult for the temple to manage the pilgrims also.
  • So apart from the Pooja and Darshan the temple will be providing the LIVE for the pilgrims to watch the pooja online
  • All the pooja and also the proceeding of the Chithirai festival will be broadcast online for the pilgrims. The pilgrims can watch the program online or on the TV day today
  • The pilgrims can check the online youtube channels for the Madurai Chithirai festival coverage. Most of the channels will be covering the festival online in LIVE
  • The pilgrims who cannot attend the Madurai Chithirai festival directly can watch the LIVE Program online for the festival. The LIVE Telecast of the program will be provided on all 15 days of the festival
  • The pilgrims can Watch the Uthsava moorty only and not the main idol

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