Maha Navami 2023 Navratri Puja Date Timings Durga Dasara

Know the details about the Maha Navami 2023 Navratri Puja Date Timings Durga Dasara, Maha Navami Timings Pooja Details 2023 Start End Time

Maha Navami pooja is one of the pooja which is performed for the Durga Devi during the Dasara festivals. On each day of the Dasara which is celebrated for 9 days, Lord Durga Devi is worshipped in different forms based on the pilgrim’s preference. Each day during the Dasara festival is dedicated to Lord Durga in one form. So the pilgrims need to make the arrangements for the pooja on these days. Each day is also named in different names. The pilgrims and the temple will be following the Durga pooja based on the days of the Dasara. The pilgrims who do the Durga pooja at home have to do the Maha Navami Durga Pooja which is performed on the eve of the Durga pooja last days.

Maha Navami 2023 Navratri Puja Date Timings Durga Dasara

Maha Navami falls on Navami day hence the name. The temple and also the pilgrims who do the pooja at home will be celebrating the Maha Navami pooja. The Maha Navami pooja is performed to the Lord Durga herself. The pilgrims need to make sure they do the Maha Navami Durga pooja on the time of the pooja day. The date of the Maha Navami 2023 and also pooja timings is as below

Maha Navami 2023 Navratri Puja Date: 23 October 2023, Monday

Maha Navami 2023 Navratri Puja Timings: Navami Tithi Begins – 07:58 PM on Oct 22, 2023 and Navami Tithi Ends – 05:44 PM on Oct 23, 2023

Even though the Maha Navami tithi begins before the day, the pilgrims can do the pooja on the next day. For most of the people, the days will start at the Sunrise only and hence the next day will be calculated as the Maha Navami for the Dasara festival. During the Maha Navami pooja can be performed in the timings except bad timings like Rahu Kalam and Yama Gandam.

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