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Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings Telugu Procedure

Know the latest details about the Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings Telugu Procedure, Sankranti Tharpanam Timings Procedure in Telugu Culture

Makara Sankranti which is also known as the Sankranti festival is an important festival in the Telugu states. Most of the people will be celebrating this Makara Sankranti with the pooja of their ancestors. Ancestors and also the elders who have died will be worshipped today. The people will be worshipping the elders through the Tharpanam procedure. Tharpanam procedure means doing the pooja for the ancestors by the procedure of leaving the food in the water. The Makara Sankranti which is a3 days festival will fall on the 15th January of every year. The people will be doing the Tharpanam pooja on this day near any temple or any lakes or rives.

The best place to the Tharpanam pooja is near a river which is flowing. As the Makara Sankranti comes after the raining season, most of the rivers will be flowing fully on this day. So the people who want to do the Tharpanam pooja can do it near the rivers. The Tharpanam procedure has to be done with the help of the priest only.

Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings Telugu Procedure

  • The Makara Sankranti pitru tharpanam can be done at any timings of the day. It should bot be done in Rahul Kalam, Yamgandam and Gulika. The timings of the Pitru Tharpanam should also not go beyond 5 Pm
  • The people who want to do the Pitru tharpanam have to make the arrangements as said by the priest. Then the pooja can be done. Once the pooja is completed, the people who has finished the Tharpanam can go to the temple or else can go home and do pooja
  • At home, people will be offering new clothes for the elders and then will offer the prasadam and harathi. Once this is completed the procedure of the Makara Sankranti Pitru Tharpanam is completed

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