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Mamandur Forest Timings Waterfalls Trekking Tirupati Entry Fees

Know the details about the Mamandur Forest Timings Waterfalls Trekking Tirupati Entry Fees, Mamandur Tourism Booking Trekking Route Location

Mamandur forest is the tourism spot which is located near Tirupati. Mamandur forest is located 20 kilometres from Tirupati. The pilgrims can reach the forest rest house which is located on the highway on the way to Kodur. The pilgrims who want to go to the Mamandur forest has to be prepared to spend at least one day in the location. The Mamandur forest will be having a trekking activity along with the waterfalls and also water flow. The pilgrims are allowed to take bath in the water and also play around.

Mamandur Forest Timings Waterfalls Trekking Tirupati Entry Fees

  • Mamandur Forest Timings: 09.00 AMĀ  – 04.00 PM
  • Location: Mamandur Village
  • Entry Fee: Rs 10 – Rs 50 per head

The Mamandur forest can be reached easily by the pilgrims who have own vehicles. The pilgrims who don’t have their own vehicles can take up the buses which go on this route and can get down near the Mamandur forest. The trekking will take around 10-15 minutes. After the trekking, the pilgrims will reach the water flow, from where they can access the waterfalls.

  • There are no food or water facilities available near the Mamandur. The pilgrims have to pack all the food and also the water for drinking.
  • The best season to visit Mamandur is from December – February. In the remaining days, the forest will be closed either due to the heavy water flow or no water flow during the summers.
  • Click Here for the Location of the Mamandur Forest Trekking
  • There are facilities available for the pilgrims near the rest house. However, there are no commercial joints or shops top provide any food items or the drinking items
  • The Mamandur forest follows strict eco tourism rules littering and also spoiling the environment. So the pilgrims has to very careful.



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