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Manu Bakers Tirupati Expert Food Review Complete Local Ratings

Know the Manu Bakers Tirupati Food Review Complete Local Rating By Sudha, Manu Bakers DR Mahal Road Tirupati Food Quality Reviews Ratings Expert

Manu Bakers in Tirupati has been started recently. The Bakers even tough they specify only bakers they serve variety cuisine in the restaurant. The Rating and the Review of the Food and also the Service in the Manu Bakers is as below. Please note, the below review and rating is not a paid campaign from the restaurant. The food and service are experienced by the food expert Sudha and the review is provided. The visitors experience and also restaurant serving might get different each time and also to each customer. Please note the same.

Manu Bakers Tirupati Expert Food Review Complete Local Ratings

Manu Bakers Ambience (4/5)

  • The ambience in the restaurant is good and welcoming. The visitors can feel the good fresh baking environment in the ambience. The Parking area in the Manu Bakers is also good and the visitors can bring Four Wheeler and also tow wheelers and can park safely near the restaurant.
  • The visitos can choose the seating and also the type of seating like cushion sofa or else threaded chairs. The washrooms however need to be cleaned properly and regularly and maintenance is needed.

Manu Bakers Tirupati Menu (2/5)

  • The Serive boys needs better training. It seems the Manu Bakers has recruiteed local boy s without training. They come to you and take the order after calling them many times and sometimes some feel their behavious is too rude to take order.
  • There is not effiecient staff in the service. The Menu items are of huge speread and once see many types of items is being served. From Italian starteers, Burgers, Pasta, Waffles, Noodles many more.
  • But the downside is most of the items in the menu is not available for many days. We ahve observed this from day one. The items takes more time for serving which can be understood by the fresh baking concept.
  • Almost 50% of the items in the Menu is not available.

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Manu Bakers Tirupati Food Review (3/5)

We have ordered Red bean Nachos, Cheese Wedges, Mexican Burger, Alfredo Pasta, Blueberry Waffles which are good. The items quality and also seving nature is good

  • But have also ordered Danish Cinnamon and some puffs for testing which is not up to the mark and also seems to be old stock.
  • While leaving we have ordered Chocolate cake which is not of good taste. Also, the lady who is seems to be the owner is alyways rude to the staff whenever we have visited and will be shouting in the restaurant which is is huge down side and also very negative.
  • Sometimes, we can see both the owners shouting in the restaurant and throwing faces at the customer if their order is small. The Manu Bakers need to work on this aspect or in no time the visitors may feel this is not the palce for spending some quality time.

Manu Bakers Tirupati Food Quality and Pricing (3/5)

  • Food some items the piring is ok and for some items we can feel the pricing is too much and cannot be justfied. Overall we can feel this place is one time visit place fod food and can be frequent visiting place if going to spend some time.

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