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Margasira Bahula Ashtami 2022 Date Kalabhairavashtami Timings

Know the latest details about the Margasira Bahula Ashtami 2022 Date Kalabhairavashtami Timings, Kalabhairavashtami Margasira Masam

Margasira Bahula AshtamiIt is the 23rd day of the Margashiram month, which falls on the Ashtami Tithi of the Krishna Paksha. On the day known as Kalabhairavashtami, Lord Shiva is said to have first fashioned Kalabhairava. The fifth head of Brahma, also known as the Creator, Kalabhairava was the monarch of Kashi Kshetra and was born from Lord Shiva.

On the day that Sri Kalabhairava came into existence, which is known as Kalabhairavashtami, the scriptures instruct that Kalabhairava should be venerated. The name Bhairav translates to “protector” and “fearless.” Because Bhairava also has control over Kalu (Kalam), he eventually transformed into Kalabhairav. If you seek refuge in Bhairav, the anxiety that you feel about dying will disappear. If you perform Gangesananam, Pithartharpanam, and Shraddhakarmas today, you will be liberated from the afflictions of this world and other worlds for the remainder of the year. In addition, it is beneficial to offer the dog, which is Bhairav’s vehicle, food such as milk, curd, and other similar items.

Margasira Bahula Ashtami 2022 Date Kalabhairavashtami Timings

The Margasira Bahula Ashtami 2022 Date is on 16 November 2022, Wednesday

The Kalabhairavashtami 2022 Date is on 16 November 2022, Wednesday

  • Although time cannot be stopped or controlled, it can be altered. Shastras state that it is possible to acquire an auspicious life and sankalpa siddhi with the practise of Bhairava Upasana and to triumph over the forces of the planets. The glorification of Kalabhairava as the sovereign of Kashi Kshetra occurs frequently.
  • Kashikshetra Mahima instructs us that in order to accomplish something, we must first obtain his permission. It is said in the Shastras that Shiva was the one who was lost in Kalabhairava.
  • In the practise of Homa Karyas, the primary Homa is not performed until after sacrifices have been made to the Ashtabhairavs. The worshippers receive his grace as well as supernatural powers as a reward.

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