Masa Sivaratri 2023 Dates Pooja Timings All Months Masika Shiva

Know the details about the Masa Sivaratri 2023 Dates Pooja Timings All Months Masika Shiva, Msika Sivarathri 2023 Monthly Dates Timings

Masa Sivaratri also called Masika Sivarathri is an important day which occurs every month in a year. This day is very important for the temples of Lord Shiva. This day is special for the temple and all the pilgrims as pooja will be done on this day. The Masa Sivaratri is called by such a name because it is the Sivarathri which occurs in every month. And hence the name. The pilgrims and devotees of Lord Shiva will be coming to the temples on this day. On this day, the special Abhishekam will be performed in the Siva temple. The Rudrabhishekam is also done on this day. Most pilgrims will be happy to participate in this pooja.

The Masa Sivaratri is celebrated in the timings of the date of the Abhishekam in which the festival is held. Below are the dates of the Masa Sivaratri for the year 2023. The Masa Sivaratri repeats every month in the year 2023

Masa Sivaratri 2023 Dates Pooja Timings All Months Masika Shiva

The dates of the Masa Sivaratri for the year 2023 are as below. Please note, the dates might change for different types of the calender. However, these are the standard dates for the Masa Sivaratri in the year 2023 and will not change. The pooja timings of the Masa Sivaratri or the Masika Shivaratri might change from temple to temple in different locations.

January 20, 2023, Friday
12:02 AM to 12:53 AM, Jan 21

February 18, 2023, Saturday
12:05 AM to 12:55 AM, Feb 19

March 20, 2023, Monday
12:00 PM to 12:47 AM, Mar 21

April 18, 2023, Tuesday
11:53 PM to 12:38 AM, Apr 19

May 17, 2023, Wednesday
11:50 PM to 12:35 AM, May 18

June 16, 2023, Friday
11:55 PM to 12:39 AM, Jun 17

July 15, 2023, Saturday
12:00 AM to 12:44 AM, Jul 16

August 14, 2023, Monday
11:58 PM to 12:43 AM, Aug 15

September 13, 2023, Wednesday
11:49 PM to 12:36 AM, Sep 14

October 12, 2023, Thursday
11:38 PM to 12:27 AM, Oct 13

November 11, 2023, Saturday
11:35 PM to 12:26 AM, Nov 12

December 11, 2023, Monday
11:44 PM to 12:35 AM, Dec 12

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