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Melmaruvathur Om Sakthi Abhishekam Online Booking Ticket Price

Know the details about the Melmaruvathur Om Sakthi Abhishekam Online Booking Ticket Price, Melmaruvathur Temple Om Sakthi Abhishekam Ticket

Melmaruvathur temple is one of the most famous temples for the pilgrims of the Adi Parashakthi. The temple has a huge devotee base in Tamilnadu and also surrounding states. Every year, the temple is visited by the pilgrims who take up the Om Shakthi mala. Most pilgrims who come to the Melmaruvathur temple will only come for the Mala. Some people will be coming just for the Darshan. Along with the Darshan, the Melmaruvathur temple also has some special seva for pilgrims. The Melmaruvathur Abhishekam is one of the seva.

Melmaruvathur Om Sakthi Abhishekam Online Booking Ticket Price

  • The cost of the Melmaruvathur Temple Abhishemal is Rs. 1010 for one ticket.
  • The Abhishekam in the temple is done daily. The timings of the Melmaruvathur temple abhishekam is from morning 03.00 AM – 04.00 AM. The Ahishekam in the temple si conducted daily.
  • The pilgrims who want to participate in the Melmaruvathur temple abhishekam can come to the temple directly and can book the seva at the temple counter.
  • The pilgrims can also book for the Melmaruvathur Temple Abhsihekam Online. The Melmaruvathur Abhishekam is also available online at the temple website
  • The pilgrims can visit the Melmaruvathur temple’s official website and can book for the Abhishekam online. The pilgrims need to finish the payment for the seva online only.
  • The Abhishekam in the Melmaruvathur temple will take 1 hour to complete. After the Abhishekam is completed the pilgrims will be provided with the Prasadam and the Darshan.

The pilgrims need to take printouts of the Abhishekam Online Booking and submit at the temple office. The pilgrims who cannot book for the Melmaruvathur temple Abhiekam online can come to the temple directly. The pilgrims can purchase the Abhishekam tickets online if available.

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