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Mopidevi Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple Miracles History

Know the details about the Mopidevi Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple Miracles History, Mopidevi temple Pooja Benefits, Powerful History Temple Legend.

Mopidevi is one of the famous Shanmukha temples in South India. It is mentioned in Skanda Purana that it was consecrated by Agastya Maharshi.

One of the famous Shanmukha temples in South India is Subrahmaneswara Swamy Temple in Mopidevi. Kumarakshetra is Subrahmanyeshwara Kshetra. In the Sahyadri section of Skandapuranam, the greatness of Krishna River and Mopidevi Kshetra are mentioned.

Sage Agastya was forced to leave Varanasi to make Vindhya proud. Agastya left Kashi with his wife Lopamudra. Vindhyaparvatam on the way noticed the arrival of the sage and prostrated. Agastya reached the Dakshina path, determined to stay till he came again. The pious couple sanctified the holy Godavari region and entered the banks of Krishna river.

Mopidevi Subrahmanyeswar Swamy Temple Miracles History

Vyaghrasya Purvadigbhage Kumara Kshetra Muttam, Subrahmanyena Satyatra Bhukti Mukti Phalapradam came out effortlessly from Maharishi’s voice. As a result, the whole place was filled with mounds. Lopamudra Devi and Shishyaganam followed him as Maharshi saw them and went ahead. Observing the divine radiance coming from a mound, the sage explained to the disciples that this was Subramanya Kshetra and that Bhukti and Mukti are fruitful. He cleared the doubt of the disciple that Mandavyu was called by the name of Subramanian. He explained the reason for doing penance in the form of a snake.

Agastya told his disciples that this is the region and installed the Shivalinga on the hill from which divine radiance emanates. In later times, there was a potter named Virarapu Parvathu near that place. He is a great devotee of Shiva. Swami appeared to him in a dream, told him about his location, and asked him to build a temple and enshrine in it. So he built the temple. He used to make things that Lord Shiva loved out of clay and kept them in the temple. This shrine was called Mohinipuram. Over time it became established as Mopidevi.

In the sanctum sanctorum, snake coils are used for drinking. Shiva Lingam is on this. At the time of Abhishekam and Archana, milk is poured into the hole under this panavattam. Those who are childless, suffering from vision and hearing defects, physical weakness and skin diseases get liberation by pouring milk here. Also, education and wealth will be developed. Apart from this, young women and young men whose marriage is delayed due to Naga Dosham performing special pooja here.

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