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Narayanavanam Temple Timings Today

Narayanavanam Temple Timings Today below provides the information of the temple which is required for the pilgrims to visit. Narayanvanam temple is the most important temple near the Tirupati. The temple lies near the town of puttur and lies 40 kilometers from the city of Tirupati. The temple is Narayanavanam is the abode of Lord Sri Kalayana Venkateswara Swamy and Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru. It is said that the Lord Venkateswara got married to Sri Padamavathi devi here and it is said that this town is once ruled by Akasa Raju father of Padmavathi devi. To prove this point the temple in Narayavanam has many items used during the marriage of the Lord.

Also, it is said that the ruins of the fort of Akasa raju still exist in the forest of Narayanavanam. The temple of Narayanavanam is must visit for the pilgrims of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Lord here will be blessing the devotees with Kalyanakankanam and also the marriage sword with the idol.

Narayanavanam Temple Timings Today

Narayanavanam Temple Opening Timing: 07.00 AM
Narayanavanam Temple Closing Timing: 08.00 PM

The Narayayanavanam temple opens at 07:00 am in the morning all will be opened tillĀ  01:00 pm in the afternoons. Then the temple will be closed and opened again at 03.00 pm and will be opened till 08.00 pm. The temple will be open with the Suprabatha seva for the Lord and will be closed with the ekanta seva,

Most of the pooja, darshan and seva in the Narayanavanam temple will be similar to the Tirumala temple. It is said that the Lord here, at Srinivasa Managapuram and in Tirumala are the same. And devotees will get the same blessings if visited any of these temples.

The Darshan time usually takes 10-15 minutes for Darshan during the non busy days. During the busy days the temple darshan will be taking around 40-60 minutes.

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