Niluvu Dopidi Tirumala Pilgrims Procedure Location Timings TTD

Know the details about the Niluvu Dopidi Tirumala Pilgrims Procedure Location Timings TTD, TTD Tirumala temple Niluvu Dopidi Process for the Pilgrims

Pilgrims will be coming to the Tirumala temple and will be offering many things for the Lord here. Most of the pilgrims who come to the Tirumala temple will be offering many valuables to the Lord. Many kings have offered most valuable objects and also gold coins and many more offerings to the Lord. The Tirumala temple is one of the richest temples due to the offerings which is received to the temple through the Hundi.

The pilgrims will be using the Hundi which is located in Tirumala temple for the offerings. Most of the pilgrims will be doing the donations in Tirumala anonymously. The pilgrims who donate very large objects or very valuable things will be using the TTD process to do the donations.

Niluvu Dopidi Tirumala Pilgrims Procedure Location Timings TTD

  • Niluvu Dopidi is one of the most famous and also very important offerings which is done to the Lord in Tirumala
  • The Niluvu Dopidi process is very simple. Many pilgrims will ask for some boons from the lord before doing the Niluvu Dopidi. If the boon in granted and after the completion of the boon the pilgrims will come for the Niluvu Dopidi.
  • Niluvu Dopidi means the pilgrims will be offering everything they have in hand to Lord. This process, however, is followed differently by different people.
  • Some pilgrims will be coming to Tirumala as they are at home and will be offering every thing on their body including small jewellery to hair donations. The pilgrims will offer even the clothes which they are wearing. Most of the pilgrims will be doing the Niluvu Dopidi at the Tirumala Hundi inside the temple
  • The timings are not particular for the Niluvu Dopidi. The pilgrims can do this Niluvu Dopidi offering during the timings of the temple and the Darshan
  • Some people will offer everything they have earned to the Lord up to that point of time. Like Money, Properties, Jewellery everything as the Niluvu Dopidi.

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