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Sabarimala 41 Days Mandala Vratham Rules Ayyapa Mala Fasting

Know the details about the Sabarimala 41 Days Mandala Vratham Rules Ayyapa Mala Fasting, 41 Days Ayyappa Mala Rules for Family Members

Sabarimala One of South India’s most well-known places of worship is the Sri Ayyappa Temple. People from all over India come to Sabarimala to worship. People who want to see Ayyappa tie the Irumadi for 41 days, which is called the mandala period. Lords who did Maladharana prayed to Ayyappa as strictly as possible for 41 days. During initiation, Ayyappa must follow these rules.

Sabarimala 41 Days Mandala Vratham Rules Ayyapa Mala Fasting

  • On both evenings, you should wash your head with tears, worship the Lord with a lamp, and sing hymns. Devotharchan should be done, alms should be taken in the afternoon, and breakfast should be eaten at night. Put on black clothing. Every day, go to the temple. Don’t put on shoes. During this time, don’t shave or cut your nails.
  • Askalita should become a yogi and live a life of celibacy. It’s better to be somewhere else. It is also against the law to think about married life or mental rituals. Pillows and mattresses should not be used. Put a new mat down on the floor and go to sleep.
  • Dead bodies should not be seen by menstruating women. If he sees that, he shouldn’t even touch the good water until he has done the Panchagavya head bath and said the Saranughosa.
  • The root mantra “Swamiye Saranamayappa” should be said all the time during the initiation period. During Maladharana, both the wife and the woman should be treated as gods. The name should be finished with the word “Ayyappa.” Other people should be called “Ayyappa” or “Swami.” Mata is how you should talk to a woman. If someone asks for help, you shouldn’t say no.
  • Vibhudhi, sandalwood, and saffron should always be worn on the forehead. Avoid giving up things like drinking alcohol. Tambulam is also against the rules.
  • Satvik food should be taken. Breakfast in the evening. As a lover, Swami Saranu Ghosha had to take part in bhajans all the time. Avoid doing things that are violent. Do not lie or slander. Too much talking should be avoided.
  • After praying to the Lord, a person should think about Ishtadaiva. You should stay away from Ashtaragas, Panchendriyas, Trigunas, Vidya, and Avidya.
  • At the time of initiation, one should do their best to give alms to the Ayyappas at least once. Swami likes camphor a lot. So the camphor arati should be done both nights.
  • At the time of initiation, all Ayyappas, no matter their age, rank, or caste, should greet each other. Salutes can also be given to parents. Do not give foot salutations to people who are not in the know.

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