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Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 Date

Sabarimala Makara Jyothi which is also known as Sabarimala Makaravilakku which is an very important day in the Sabarimala temple. The Makara Jyothi which is lightning of a light on the hill top of Sabarimala is considered as the most auspicious festival by the pilgrims. Know more details of the Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 Date from below.

Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 Date

The Date of Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 or Makaravilakku is on Friday, 14 January between 6 PM to 8 PM which is also Makar Sankranti 2022 in South India.

Regarding the Makara Jyothi the Temple Nadai / Thiru Nada is opened for Makara Jyothi Festival from 30 December 2021, Thursday. Makara Jyothi is on 14.01.2022 (Friday). Thirunada is 20 January 2022, Thursday. Pilgrims who want to visit the temple can plan on these days. The Makara Jyothi is the main day of all these temple opening days. Pilgrims on this day will witness very huge crowd. However,  now a days, the Darshan and the que has become online. So, the pilgrims whose Darshan falls on the Makara Jyothi day will be allowed for the Darshan.

On this day, sacred jewels will be brought from the Padalam kings palace in three woodmen boxes. Lord Ayyappa will be decorated with the ‘Thiruvabharana on this day evening. In the evening the Makara Jyothi will be lit on the hills of Sabarimala.

The Makara Jyothi can be witnessed from the below places in Sabarimala

  • Sannidhanam
  • Pandithavalam
  • Pulmedu Hilltop
  • Chalakayam
  • Attathodu
  • Saramkuthi
  • Neelimala
  • Marakootam

Sabarimala Makara Jyothi 2022 Darshanam

The Darshan timings and also the Darshan allowance might get effected on this day. Pilgrims can be stopped for the Darshan on this day. However, this rules changes year by year. Pilgrims can expect, the Darshan to be stopped during this day. As the COVID norms is still in effect, this can happen.

The Makar Jyothi event will telecasted through major television channels in India as a LIVE

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