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Sabarimala Mandala Pooja 2022 Date Timings Open Close Days

Know the latest details about the Sabarimala Mandala Pooja 2022 Date Timings Open Close Days, Sabarimala Mandala Pooja Open Close 2022 Date

When someone mentions the month of Kartika, the Kartika Deepam and the Sabarimala Ayyappan come to everyone’s thoughts. In particular, the Mandal Puja and Makara Jyoti performed at Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple are considered to be the most significant forms of worship. Ayyappa worshippers and garlanders wait to visit Sabarimala in anticipation of the Mandal Puja, which takes place once every twelve years.

There are 41 days dedicated to the annual Mandal Puja to the god Ayyappan at Sabarimala. In Malayalam, the month of Scorpio coincides with the beginning of Mandal Puja, which also begins on the first day of the month.

It is traditional to adorn oneself with a rudraksha or tulsi garland that bears an engraved picture of Ayyappan. They do not remove the garland until after they have finished fasting and have gone to the mountain.

Sabarimala Mandala Pooja 2022 Date Timings Open Close Days

Sabarimala Mandala Pooja 2022 Date is on December 27, Tuesday

The Timings of the Sabarimala Mandala Pooja 2022 Date starts from Morning 6 AM

  • It is of the utmost significance to keep both the mind and the body clean. It is imperative that both smoking and alcohol be avoided. During this period of fasting, it is required that you wash your body twice every day and carry out puja rituals. During this time of fasting, it is important to abstain from all sexual activity.
  • The day of Makara Sankranti is held in high regard as being the most significant day that occurs between the Mandal Pujas. Mandal Pooja day is known as Makara Lampu. On each of these Makara Lamp days, lakhs of worshipers congregate in the hopes of gaining Lord Ayyappan’s favour.
  • The Mandal Pooja is carried out in accordance with a variety of Puranas. The devotees who go to Sabarimala to put garlands on their desires in the hopes that they will come true believe that the days on which the Mandal Pooja takes place are days on which miracles occur.

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