Sawan Somwar Puja Vidhi Shravan Month Samagri List Lord Shiva

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Sawan Somwar or the Shravan Somwar Pooja is an important pooja which is followed in most of the north Indian states. The Sawan Somwar Vrat is done as the pooja by the women in the family. Mostly the Sawan Somwar pooja is done in the family by the women. The women can do the Sawan Somwar pooja in-home or else can do the pooja at the temple. Most of the temples of Lord Shiva will be doing the Sawan Somwar pooja at the temple premises. The pilgrims can book for the pooja and can participate in the same. However, this pooja is participated by multiple women and only one pooja is done on this day.

Sawan Somwar Puja Vidhi Shravan Month Samagri List Lord Shiva

The Sawan Somwar pooja can be done on the Monday of the Sawan Somwar Month. The pooja procedure is very simple for the pilgrims to do at home also. The pilgrims can also do the pooja at the temple as per the priest’s instructions. If the pilgrims are doing the Sawan Somwar pooja or the Vrat at home, then the pilgrims need to follow the procedure and the Puja Vidhi as below.

  • The Sawan Somwar Puja is done for Lord Shiva. So the pilgrims have to purchase the pooja idol or the photo of Lord Shiva. The pilgrims should buy the pooja samagri from the market or can purchase the pooja samagri list online.
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  • The women in the home should wake up early in the morning and take a head bath. Then the pooja will start with all the family members. The pilgrims should make sure they cook the prasad at home. Once the pooja procedure is completed, the pilgrims can do the harathi and can offer the prasad to everyone.
  • With this, the Sawan Somwar Puja is completed.

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